We firmly believe proper investment and speculation in the uranium sector will outperform any other investment class of the next decade. This 300+ page special report is your complete guide if you want to participate in this uranium stock market cycle. We suspect you don't want to be late to this new trend. Includes all editions 2017-2018 and new 2019 edition. This version is available in PDF only. See Amazon for paperback / Kindle versions.

  • In Venture Investor, we look for some of the best natural resource companies in the world that are backed by some of the best people that have top shelf assets with the best chances of delivering big value to skilled shareholders.

  • Beyond Borders is about how to set up your global presence and substantially reduce jurisdictional risks. In this 70-page paid report, we give out actionable recommendations to those who want to truly do something to reduce the risks of the coming headwinds that we all face. The report includes contacts, services, and details of these entry level diversification and risk reduction tasks that you can accomplish mostly from your own desk. Everything in this report has been evaluated, tested and used by SmithWeekly in our own journey to setup a robust globally diverse foundation on which to build upon going forward.

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