• Our core research letter. Opportunities is a total market portfolio solution that covers equities, bonds, options, and money. The focus of the letter and portfolio structuring is heavily weighted toward extraordinary high reward and risk cyclical market setups in the natural resource sector and also in the broad market. SEE OUR LETTER

  • Beyond Borders is about how to set up your global presence and substantially reduce jurisdictional risks. In this 70-page paid report, we give out actionable recommendations to those who want to truly do something to reduce the risks of the coming headwinds that we all face. The report includes contacts, services, and details of these entry level diversification and risk reduction tasks that you can accomplish mostly from your own desk. Everything in this report has been evaluated, tested and used by SmithWeekly in our own journey to setup a robust globally diverse foundation on which to build upon going forward. PREVIEW REPORT

  • Upon Request Only - We firmly believe proper investment and speculation in the uranium sector will outperform any other investment class of the next decade. This 300+ page special report is your complete guide if you want to participate in this uranium stock market cycle. We suspect you don't want to be late to this new trend. Includes all editions 2017-2019 and our final edition. PREVIEW REPORT

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SmithWeekly provides research on the markets through research letters, presentations, analysis, reports, and media content. Our goal is to help our members build knowledge, wealth, independence, and security via actionable quality information, methods, strategies, and ideas that work for unconventional investing. We have a motivation and passion to deliver sound research services to our members. Our research primarily covers the natural resource sectors including uranium, copper, gold, silver, PGMs, oil, and more. We cover the broad markets, mining stocks, gold stocks, uranium stocks, bond investing, portfolio protection methods, and alternative wealth protection strategies all while using a model that is a donation / low cost open business platform for our members. Get started by becoming a member when you sign up for our free and core research letter, SmithWeekly Opportunities.

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Unscripted. Non-Promotional. Fresh Questioning. Candid. We have discussions on the markets with guest perspectives from finance, investing, natural resources, mining, energy, economics, and more. SmithWeekly Discussions was setup to give the audience of SmithWeekly Research additional insights, non-promotional candid discussion, and questioning that is unconventionally fresh. This is an unscripted audio discussion that takes place in our virtual conference room. Questions are solicited from SmithWeekly Research Audience as well as questions generated internally. We do not provide guests any questions upfront nor do we allow any scripted attempts by our guests. Audio is edited for technical purposes only. If the discussion is requested by the guest to be edited for content reasons, we will review the content and render a decision to edit. If the discussion is edited for material content reasons, the audience will be informed. SmithWeekly does not pay the guests who come on this program nor does SmithWeekly accept any compensation from the guests or the companies they represent when they are covered companies or services held through our research. SmithWeekly Discussions is a free program to our audience that is at the expense of SmithWeekly.

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