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SmithWeekly International publishes researched eLetters and reports on investments. Our goal is to help our clients build knowledge, wealth, independence, and security via actionable quality information, methods, strategies, and ideas that work. Our people have a motivation and passion to deliver sound research services to our clients. The SmithWeekly Group was founded in 2007.

Andrew Weekly

Senior Analyst, Editor, CEO & Founder

Andrew is the senior analyst & editor for all of SmithWeekly International’s published newsletter services and reports. Andrew has expertise with natural resource investing, stocks, bonds, options, currencies and international diversification. Andrew has 14 years investment experience with 7 years in research/analysis. Since 2012, Andrew has spent approximately 6400 hours researching resource mining/exploration companies. Andrew’s primary focus for the past 3 years has been researching and writing the dedicated resource newsletter, Venture Investor. Andrew enjoys spending most of his time in Central America and is originally from Oregon. Andrew’s primary interests include investments, cooking, and self-defense training. Andrew holds bachelor & associate degrees in business & history.

Rose Anderson

Lead Writer & Editor. Newsletters & Reports

Rose is the lead writer & editor for our newsletters & reports. She also writes and publishes articles through various financial news and investment related websites. Rose joined SmithWeekly in 2013 after attending a conference on investment education. Since, Rose’s expertise now spans investing methods, stocks, options, and general market trends research. Rose also leads our advertisement writing, marketing design, and photography. Rose spends her time in Oregon and enjoys photography, family, and stock investments.

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