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SmithWeekly International believes in values that benefit our clients first, our personnel second, and our company third. Therefore, we have established the following Governance & Disclosure policies.


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1. Our research is generally free to anyone who signs up for our services. Our business is supported by the success of our readers via donations made by our readers who have experienced success from our work. Because our research is generally free, readers can come and go as they please without any obligations and without paying for our research. We contend our research is very valuable when used correctly.

2. SmithWeekly International is a research company that offers our research in the form of subscription newsletters and reports. Most of our products are free while some are paid. We do not provide individualized financial advice, legal advice, tax advice, life advice or any other type of personal advice that is regulated in various jurisdictions. Please consult your own licensed professional.

3. SmithWeekly International does not allow, accept, nor receive any type of compensation, bribe, non-public information, or any other form of unethical and/or illegal means from companies, assets, products, or services that we may recommend. Our research and analysis is fully independent and derived from publicly available information. We may, at times, accept 3rd party advertising agreements from other businesses. If we do business with these advertisers, we will never recommend them in our research.

4. SmithWeekly International reserves the right to act on their own recommendations that are published under our own research anytime before or after our research is released. We believe our interests should be aligned with our readers and supporters of our research. We eat our own cooking and we put our own efforts where our mouth is. Because we do not receive compensation in any form from ideas that we research, our readers are our only source of value. Their success is our success. We are a small research business with a small readership. If you don't agree with our "skin in the game" style of commitment to our readers and ourselves...don't read our work...we don't want you here.

5. SmithWeekly International encourages our subscribers to submit complaints against SmithWeekly International, its writers, analysts, stakeholders, agents, suppliers, or subcontractors for any matters of dissatisfaction, notable errors, or wrongdoings of any kind so that investigation and any disciplinary/corrective action can be taken in order to satisfy the matter. Please note that SmithWeekly International will only consider complaints when the problem originated from SmithWeekly International. We are not responsible for 3rd party information or acts of wrongdoing by 3rd parties. Complaints without sufficient credibility and/or information will not be considered.

6. SmithWeekly International reminds users of our website, non-subscribed (free content) public readers, subscribers and clients of our important Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Client Satisfaction & Guarantee, and Disclaimer.


Disclosures made by SmithWeekly International does not constitute any recommendation of any kind whatsoever. We disclose this information as a courtesy to our readers only.

Newsletter Disclosures
If any, these disclosures are made within the each newsletter itself, on the last page.

Report Disclosures
If any, these disclosures are made within the report itself, on the last page.

Governance & Disclosure Policies may change from time to time, without notice and at the discretion of SmithWeekly International.

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