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SmithWeekly Research believes in delivering results through value and solid research. If we don’t deliver, our members will leave us. We track the performance for each and every recommendation of our research, from beginning to end. We maintain model portfolios that accurately depict real results from our research.


*YTD Return: Includes all open and partially sold positions in prior years not yet closed.

*Since Inception: All closed results inclusive of legacy research letters.

*Last Year: Results from positions fully closed during the calendar year.

*Largest Single G/L: Largest taken from both open and closed positions at effective date.

*Effective date of results: 31 DEC 2020

Because each individuals situation is different, your results will vary. Our model portfolio results consider real prices for entry and exit, real dates for entry and exit, and reasonable timing for entry and exit for all positions we recommend. Results include any dividends, distributions, or other income that a position may provide during the holding period. Because broker commission costs vary among brokers, we do not include commission costs in our results. Gain or loss in currency exchange are not included in our results.

YTD Return: Percentage return of all open/closed positions from January 1 of the current year until the last result update.

Last Year: Percentage return for all closed positions in the prior calendar year. Return calculated from January 1 to December 31.

Gain/Loss Ratio: Counts all time open/closed positions with gains or losses. Example: a ratio of “2:1″ means for every two recommendations that gained, one lost.

Since Inception: Total percentage return since the newsletter was first published. All time open/closed positions are considered.

Largest Single G/L: The largest single gain in recommendations, all time, and the largest single loss in recommendations, all time. Includes open and closed positions. 

Annualized Return: Total percentage return since inception divided by the amount of days since inception times 360 days. Includes open and closed positions.

Questions about our results? Please contact us: feedback@smithweeklyinternational.com


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