Can you please explain your subscription/contribution model and the services offered at a given level?

We currently offer free subscriptions to all of our eLetter services. You just need to signup for each service that you desire via our website. Signing up is free. When you signup, you have the opportunitiy to donate to our research at that time or anytime thereafter by using the donate link found at the footer of all of our website pages.

When / If you donate to our work, we expect it is because you were able to benefit from our work. Success means something different to each person, so we leave it up to them to decide what amount they wish to donate based upon their satisfaction and success from using our research.

When your donation(s) reach a certain amount, you become a "Elite" member. Elite members get a suite of extra services as our way of saying thanks for your support of our business. These extras include special research, ideas, strategies, meetings, and access to all paid stand alone reports for free. While some benefits vary from time to time, the fixed benefits are access to paid reports for free and free access to our Elite meeting, a once per year conference only Elite members are invited to. Of course, you need to pay for your own travel arrangements to get to the meeting.

All Elite members, regardless of their donation amount, get the same extra services. Again, each individual's success may be different than another. Once you have donated enough to reach the Elite status, you can stay part of the group as long as you want or until we terminate our business. To see the current donation minimum to reach Elite status, go HERE.

Is Twitter the exclusive method by which you notify subscribers of changes in your newsletters?

No, we don't use Twitter to issue specific important updates. Twitter, and other social media outlets, are a supplemental vehicle used for general releases of newsletter issues and for general commentary. You should not rely upon these outlets to receive important information from us. Any specific changes to a position will be made within each specific issue and/or via email alert for the newsletter service you read. The issues are delivered to the email you used when you signed up and each recent newsletter issue is also found within your online account at our website. It is important to make sure you are receiving our emails through your email provider and that you have access to your SmithWeekly account online.

I am a new reader. Where should I start?

We suggest you read any free information that pertains to your interests including content in each user guide provided within your account when you sign up for a newsletter service. Please also read our FAQ section as well as any free reports that are offered to you via our website. Each newsletter service may also contain archived issues and free reports that you can also read. Finally, we suggest you read the past 3-4 issues of each newsletter you sign up for in order to get current with the service. There is no need to rush: take your time and get comfortable before making any serious decisions.

How can I subscribe to receive a newsletter from SmithWeekly International?

To subscribe to one or more of our newsletter services, please use our website. It is the most convenient tool you can use. As an alternative, you can contact our customer service team.

How do I send feedback?

Negative, positive or otherwise, please send us your feedback, opinions and comments to Please note that the law prohibits us from giving personalized investment advice. Therefore, we cannot respond individually. For account, subscription, and service questions, please email

When are issues released?

Most of the time, we release issues according to the following schedule:
Investment Report – 2nd Tuesday of the month.
Income Trader – 3rd Thursday of the month.
Venture Investor – Last Tuesday of the month.
Note: The time of day the issue is released will vary.

I have not received my newsletter issue, where is it?

Our email may have not reached you. Because emails deliveries may vary from your email service, You should ensure is added to your address book and contacts so that our emails are not mistaken for spam or junk email. If you are still not receiving emails from us, please let us know. When the issue is published, you will receive an email notification to your email account provided when you purchased your subscription. Our newsletters are published at different times during the month and you may have missed the release date.

How do I keep track of my account?

If you use one or several of our products and services, our website organizes your account with us. When you log into the SmithWeekly International website using your user name and password, click on ‘My Account’ link located near the top of the page. This area contains the important details of your account including subscription status, available content downloads, and other account details.

Can you answer my questions about specific investments?

No. Various regulatory regulations prohibit us from giving you personal investment advice. Our products and services should never be interpreted as personal investment advice. We are publishers of opinions and information, not specific personal investment advice. Please consult your investment advisor or other licensed professional.

Do you have a guarantee?

Because all of our current services are either free or they are one-time paid non-refundable reports...we do not have a guarantee. For more information, please view our Client Satisfaction & Guarantee

How do I unsubscribe?

To unsubscribe and cancel your subscription, please send an email to or call customer service at +1.541.255.2565. If you wish to stop receiving emails from us, you can unsubscribe by clicking the unsubscribe link provided at the bottom of each email we send.

What do I need to use your newsletter services?

In order to take full advantage of any one of our newsletter services, we recommend that you have a self managed online brokerage account and at least $10,000 available for investment. For those with less than $10,000, you can still use our newsletter services, but a smaller amount may limit what investments you can make. We strongly encourage you to save more investable capital before starting any investing. In the meantime, you can view our free content and visit our education center.

Will my subscription price go up each year?

If you have a paid subscription that is not a free eLetter service or a stand alone report, the original subscription price you pay will never go up once you become a subscriber and keep your account current. As a renewing subscriber, you do not pay the current subscription price unless it is lower then your original subscription price. Please note that this policy does not include those who cancel or let their subscription expire and then re-subscribe.

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