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SmithWeekly Research issues 2019 annual letter to members

In our annual letter to members we discuss the markets including positive views of precious metals, physical gold holdings, gold mining equities, base metal & copper equities, and personal diversification beyond a single jurisdiction. The letter can be found HERE.

Posted: 24 DEC 2019

SmithWeekly to attend the 2019 AusIMM Uranium Conference

SmithWeekly will be presenting at the upcoming AusIMM Uranium Conference in Adelaide, South Australia on 4-5 June. More information about the event can be found HERE. Our presentation materials will be made available to members after the conference is completed.


Posted: 06 MAY 2019

Events 2019 - Uranium Summit & Beyond Borders

SmithWeekly has planned two key online events for 2019. The first is the return of our Uranium Summit which is expected to lead off from our 2018 event, which can be found HERE. Our other event will be Beyond Borders which entails global financial strategies to build a robust financial platform that provides optionality and protections. We expect both events to be released by the end of Q32019.


Posted: 19 APR 2019

2019 Nuke Report Released

SmithWeekly has released our 2019 edition of the Nuke Report. The new report is about 360 pages covering the setup for uranium in a comprehensive and complete fashion. The report is available via our website (PDF version) as well as on Amazon (paperback & Kindle). Our report preview can be found HERE.


Posted: 22 MAR 2019

Kerry Lutz has on SmithWeekly

Kerry Lutz, host of the Financial Survival Network radio show has on Andrew Weekly, CEO & Founder of SmithWeekly Research to discuss nuclear energy, uranium, the broad market, electric vehicles, and more. You can hear the discussion  HERE.


Posted: 01 DEC 2018

The Mike Alkin Show has on SmithWeekly

The Mike Alkin Show has on Andrew Weekly, CEO & Founder of SmithWeekly Research to discuss investment strategy, key areas of the market, short-side insurance, and more. You can hear the discussion (see episode 38 in the archive) and learn more about Mike's show HERE.


Posted: 26 NOV 2018

New Program: SmithWeekly Discussions

SmithWeekly Research reveals SmithWeekly Discussions, an occasional program where we bring insightful discussions from various key people that we want to hear from. SmithWeekly readers and followers can contact us to recommend guests as well as submit questions for future guests we have announced. To ensure you get this content, we suggest you signup for an account with SmithWeekly or follow us on Twitter: @smithweekly


Posted: 01 NOV 2018

SmithWeekly Announces 2018 Elite Meeting Online, Special Guest

Our 2018 Elite Meeting will be held online on 21 OCT 2018. This meeting is for Elite Members of SmithWeekly Research. We announce that John Borshoff of Deep Yellow (ASX:DYL) will be joining us for keynote discussion. Contact us to reserve your spot for our event.


Posted: 20 AUG 2018

SmithWeekly's Uranium Summit Event

Industry veterans John Borshoff of Deep Yellow (ASX:DYL) and Dustin Garrow of Nuclear Fuel Associates join SmithWeekly to discuss the start of the uptrend in the uranium mining business. You can see the event on YouTube HERE.


Posted: 10 JUN 2018

SmithWeekly on the Mike Alkin Show

Andrew Weekly, CEO & Founder of SmithWeekly Research joins the Mike Alkin Show to discuss contrarian strategy, uranium, offshore drillers, and the new SmithWeekly report, Beyond Borders. You can hear the discussion (see episode 11 in the archive) and learn more about Mike's show HERE.


Posted: 24 APR 2018

SmithWeekly Completes Charitable Project

2 NOV 2017: See the full news release HERE.

SmithWeekly's Nuke Report in the news

SmithWeekly International's Nuclear Energy Report is referenced in a recent article by The West Australian. See it HERE. While the brief statement made mentioned that SmithWeekly "could not point to when" higher prices would come, we did in fact provide a reasonable time frame for higher prices in the report:

"Our view is that capital will flow once uranium starts its price appreciation in the next 18-24 months, or earlier." -Reference pdf page 28 (report page 26), third full paragraph, second to last sentence.

For us, this time frame is reasonable and a good starting point at which to gain exposure to the sector. Predicting a specific tight time frame is a fool's game. Of course, that's what most folks want to hear because most are inherently impatient. We appreciate the reference that The West Australian made nonetheless and look forward to providing additional coverage and insights.

Plateau Uranium also made mention of the report on their website, HERE. The company was delighted to be among our research and a top level recommendation.

Dedicated and consolidated uranium sector website has also linked to our report HERE under posting from 27 May 2017.

To get the report in its entirety, please register & buy it HERE.

Posted: 4 JUN 2017

SmithWeekly Raises Funds & Manages Charitable Project in Nicaragua

SmithWeekly is raising funds and managing a new home construction project for the Cisneros Family in San Cayetano, Nicaragua. For the story, details, and how to help, please go HERE.

2 JUN 2017: $5570 from 8 donors via and, about 39% of our $14,300 goal. UPDATES HERE

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