SmithWeekly's Nuke Report in the news

SmithWeekly International's Nuclear Energy Report is referenced in a recent article by The West Australian. See it HERE. While the brief statement made mentioned that SmithWeekly "could not point to when" higher prices would come, we did in fact provide a reasonable time frame for higher prices in the report:

"Our view is that capital will flow once uranium starts its price appreciation in the next 18-24 months, or earlier." -Reference pdf page 28 (report page 26), third full paragraph, second to last sentence.

For us, this time frame is reasonable and a good starting point at which to gain exposure to the sector. Predicting a specific tight time frame is a fool's game. Of course, that's what most folks want to hear because most are inherently impatient. We appreciate the reference that The West Australian made nonetheless and look forward to providing additional coverage and insights.

Plateau Uranium also made mention of the report on their website, HERE. The company was delighted to be among our research and a top level recommendation.

Dedicated and consolidated uranium sector website has also linked to our report HERE under posting from 27 May 2017.

To get the report in its entirety, please register & buy it HERE.

Posted: 4 JUN 2017

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