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Rodica O. tells us:

“I'm lucky to be part of your members group and have access to your research. You are doing amazing work. Thank you.”

L. Lam writes:

"A unique and helpful service. Honorable and trustworthy. I respect these guys!"

Allan B. says:

"There is no "car salesmanship" or B.S."

Brent B. tells us:

“Your Nuclear Energy Report is a highly recommended read for those that want to learn more about the opportunities in this sector!”

Andee J. says:

"Before SmithWeekly, I had no business managing my own investments. Thanks to their letter, I now have skills needed for success."

Mike A. mentioned:

"I was very impressed with the information and recommendations I received by the SmithWeekly trial. I tracked the recommendations and most all of them increased dramatically to my benefit and my investment portfolio's. Excellent financial newsletter."

John B. writes:

"SmithWeekly Research shows an excellent insight and have given a much needed refreshed analysis of the market. I very much enjoyed reading your overall analysis of the sector. I think it should be required reading for anyone who wants to come up to speed on a complex subject which you have made highly readable and compelling."

Pieter S. told us:

"SmithWeekly is a must for every serious investor in the resource space."

Cindi W. wrote:

“Without SmithWeekly, I would have never sold my big losers. Thanks to their research, I now have the discipline to close investments before they get worse, saving my capital for other ideas.”

Dave V. claims:

“I use multiple SmithWeekly products and services. The level of professionalism and service is top shelf for everything that I have received so far.”

Gordon S. posts:

“Thanks to some of your newsletter recommendations and methods to preserve capital, I am able to make better decisions for myself and for my investments.”

Jared W. tells us:

“Investment newsletters are “a dime a dozen” these days. SmithWeekly goes above and beyond with education coupling with step by step actionable instruction and demonstration examples! Their research and educational content helped me build fundamental investment skills that allow me to make decisions safely and with confidence.”

Luke A. says:

“SmithWeekly does a great job of providing informative and educational material about the market from a beginner’s perspective through their various reports, newsletters and free content that I receive. I have done well as a result.”

Mike P. writes:

“SmithWeekly offers an unconventional approach to it’s research and methods. Even if you are not able to act on all their information, they provide a great knowledge base to making better decisions related to economics and financial concerns. Thanks SmithWeekly Team.”

Mo K. posts:

“Have been a member for a few years. Best research around. Furthermore, author is very knowledgeable and happens to be a super nice guy.”

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