Our testimonials are from our clients that have subscribed to a newsletter, have purchased a report, or have purchased other products and services. The testimonials are provided by real people. SmithWeekly does not pay its clients to provide testimonials. Specific claims of results are not verified by SmithWeekly. Testimonials may be edited for errors such as spelling, grammar, and completeness. To protect their identity, we do not provide their full last name.

Paul M. wrote us:

“SmithWeekly offers clear and concise information for their investment recommendations. One is able to easily understand why a particular investment vehicle is being recommended, how, and under what circumstances you should invest in or sell the recommendation. I am very impressed with the portfolio and the associated reports. The portfolio is diversified and appears to emulate the principles of a hedge fund which almost guarantees that you will make money.”

Todd A. wrote us:

"The gains I realized using Opportunities have been nothing short of exceptional. Without commentary and research from SmithWeekly, this could not be accomplished. The group at SmithWeekly provides excellent research and education for self-managing investors.”

Jackie A. says:

“In a complex investment world, SmithWeekly offers an insightful and professional guide to making sound financial decisions.”

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